ESC 16Region 16 Correspondence
1/30/2023 Bilingual Workshop RescheduledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
9/12/2022 Making Connections Workshop CancelledNewman, Casey806-677-5139
6/2/2022 See It Name It Do It Workshop CancelledCano, Rene806-677-5177
5/20/2022 US History APSI CancelledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
3/21/2022 Workshop CancelationsGrant, Melissa806.677.5015
2/10/2022 Mentor Training Workshop rescheduledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
1/25/2022 Pre-k Math workshop rescheduledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
1/25/2022 Instructional Coaches PLC CanceledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
1/24/2022 SPED Workshops CancelledFranklin, Tara806-677-5210
12/2/2021 Strategies for English Learners Workshop CancelledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
11/19/2021 SPED MTSS Workshop CancelledBarragan, Amy806-677-5210
10/19/2021 5-Act Math Task Workshop CancelledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
9/20/2021 MTSS Workshop CancelledBarragan, Amy806-677-5210
7/28/2021 Science TEKS workshop CancelledFranklin, Tara8066775139
5/24/2021 Science Workshops CancelledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
9/18/2020 Public Funds Inv TrainingMurra,Amber806-677-5076
6/29/2020 School Finance Template TrainingMurra, Amber8066775076
2/11/2020 Upcoming Workshops RescheduledFranklin, Tara8066775085
2/7/2020 Kari Law and Ray Baum Act ImplementationStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
1/28/2020 Autism Workshop CancelledNelson, Kelisa8066775210
1/7/2020 Autism Workshops CancelledNelson, Kelisa8066775210
12/19/2019 Bilingual/ESL Workshop RescheduledVelasquez, Christy8066775168
12/18/2019 Kari's Law and Ray Baum's ActStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
12/18/2019 Contracts for Erate 2020Stockstill, Greg806-677-5260
11/12/2019 Google Workshop RescheduledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
11/5/2019 Internet Connection ResiliencyDanny Parrott806-677-5555
11/4/2019 Dysgraphia Workshop RescheduledEsters, Haley806-677-5192
11/1/2019 Session 717084 RescheduledSilvertooth, Allison806-677-5181
10/8/2019 Public Funds Inv TrainingHubbart, Todd806-677-5076
9/13/2019 Special Education Workshop RescheduledBrewer, Heidi806-677-5191
8/29/2019 Science Workshops CancelledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
8/15/2019 Math Workshop RescheduledMcCollum, Lynn806-677-5190
7/2/2019 School Finance Template WorkshopHubbart Todd806-677-5076
6/18/2019 CS First By Google CancelledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
6/18/2019 Special Education Workshop RescheduledHobbs, Barb806-677-5196
5/30/2019 Google Workshops CancelledWatson, Alexa806-677-5139
5/30/2019 ELAR Workshop RescheduledSilvertooth, Allison806-677-5181
5/7/2019 Science Workshop RescheduledWest, Lola806-677-5187
2/25/2019 lead4ward Reading Silvertooth, Allison806-677-5181
2/1/2019 Science and ESL sessions rescheduledFoster, Brenda806-677-5135
1/21/2019 Smart Money for 6th and 7th Grade Workshop CancelledBeck, Danna806-677-5184
10/24/2018 ELAR Workshops CancelledSilvertooth, Allison806-677-5181
10/18/2018 Workshop CancelledWest, Lola806-677-5187
10/15/2018 Workshop CancellationShona Rose806-677-5182
10/15/2018 Workshop RescheduleAlexa Watson806-677-5139
10/9/2018 Property Value Study workshophubbart, Todd806-677-5076
9/21/2018 Workshop day 2 rescheduledSilvertooth, Allison806-677-5181
9/21/2018 Workshop RescheduledCano, Rene806-677-5177
9/4/2018 Workshop RescheduledFranklin, Tara806-677-5139
8/13/2018 Upcoming Workshop CancellationsCassie Swan806-677-5164
6/6/2018 Workshop CancellationAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
4/19/2018 2018 Child Nutrition Summer WorkshopScott Wilkerson806-677-5080
4/12/2018 School Finance Budget WorkshopHubbart, Todd806-677-5076
2/2/2018 Contracts for E-rate 2018-1019Lacy, Susanne806-677-5260
1/16/2018 Workshop RescheduleAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
10/25/2017 E-rate workshopHubbart, Todd806-677-5076
10/19/2017 Public Funds Invesment TrainingHubbart, Todd806-677-5076
10/18/2017 Workshop RescheduleMary Bush806-677-5169
9/29/2017 UDCA TrainingsEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
9/7/2017 Holiday Greeting Card Artwork ContestMelissa Montandon806-677-5065
8/22/2017 UDCA TrainingsEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
8/16/2017 E-rate WorkshopHubbart, Todd806-677-5076
7/26/2017 p.a.p.a. TrainingEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
7/12/2017 Workshop CancellationDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/18/2017 School Finance Template TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
4/4/2017 Supts Memo 4-4-17Matt Koumalats806.677.5064
2/20/2017 Workshop CancellationShona Rose806-677-5182
1/11/2017 UDCA Basic TrainingEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
12/14/2016 Contracts for ErateLacy, Susanne806-677-5260
10/4/2016 Public Funds Investment TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
9/26/2016 Plast from the Past Sweepstakes PartnershipRogers, Jeff806-677-5267
9/8/2016 Supt Letter Holiday CardsMichelle Wilson806.677.5060
5/4/2016 Writing with a Bang FlyerCassie Sawn806-677-5164
4/22/2016 Workshop ChangeMary Bush806-677-5169
1/15/2016 Telecommunications Billing EvaluationStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
12/15/2015 Reschedule of AAS/GT Coordinator MeetingFrances Pool806-677-5165
12/14/2015 Contracts for ErateLacy, Susanne806-677-5260
11/16/2015 E-Rate UpdateTerrell, Lance806-677-5094
10/26/2015 Biology STAAR Workshop RescheduleMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
10/19/2015 PA All Day FlyerKelly Thompson806-677-5183
10/13/2015 Trait Based Writing FlyerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
10/13/2015 Bilingual/ESL/Title III WorkshopsMary Bush806-677-5169
9/25/2015 T1-84 Workshop Reschedule LetterBrenda Foster806-677-5139
9/25/2015 T1-Nspire Workshop Reschedule LetterBrenda Foster806-677-5139
9/23/2015 Public Funds Inv TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
9/23/2015 ILDTucker, Toby806/677-5087
9/9/2015 Supt Letter Holiday CardsMichelle Wilson806.677.5060
8/24/2015 Overviews of HB 5 English Language Arts and Math College Prep ClassesRobin Adkins806.677.5077
8/24/2015 Strategies for Teaching HS English that Lead to Success in Higher EdRobin Adkins806.677.5077
8/10/2015 Super Fun ShowCarla Parker5192
7/30/2015 Instrusion Detection and Prevention Cloud Services ContractStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
7/21/2015 TPRI FlyerKelly Thompson806-677-5183
6/12/2015 Records Retention: Personnel Records and Form I-9 ComplianceMelissa Montandon806.677.5065
6/10/2015 First Year Teacher Academy FlyerKelly Thompson806-677-5183
6/5/2015 Supt Letter - Online DirectoryShirley Sanders806.677.5062
6/2/2015 Student Financial Literacy Education - Train-the-TrainerRobin Adkins806.677.5077
5/20/2015 School Nurse Update 2015Eudy, JoAnn806/677-5143
5/20/2015 UDCA Basic August 26Eudy, JoAnn806/677-5143
5/20/2015 Fitnessgram 10 TrainingEudy, JoAnn806/677-5143
5/11/2015 Thinking Maps for Math Workshop Reschedule Letter806-677-5138Susan Poteet
5/5/2015 US History EOCDanna Beck806-677-5184
5/5/2015 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR Inst.Danna Beck806-677-5184
4/23/2015 Echoes and Reflections WorkshopDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/23/2015 Instructional Fusion FlyerDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/23/2015 Bilingual/ESL Institute FlyerMary Thomas806-677-5169
4/13/2015 Inclusive SchoolJamie Canales677-5191
4/13/2015 Autism ConferenceBarb Hobbs677-5196
4/13/2015 Early Childhood ConferenceCarla Parker677-5192
3/12/2015 College Prep Courses Overviews LetterRobin Adkins806.677.5077
3/5/2015 Autism Conference 2015Barb Hobbs677-5196
3/2/2015 Early Childhood ConferenceCarla Parker677-5192
2/24/2015 First Year Teachers 2015Kelly Thompson806-677-5183
1/29/2015 TG College Access Training RESCHEDULEDRobin Adkins806.677.5077
1/27/2015 Discipline of Students with DisabilitiesLori Weiss677-5210
12/11/2014 TG College Access TrainingRobin Adkins806.677.5077
11/19/2014 E-Rate 2.0 WorkshopLance Terrell806.677.5094
11/5/2014 Public Funds Inv TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
11/5/2014 Contracts for ErateStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
10/28/2014 Printer Products Available for DistrictsBailey, Erin806-677-5556
9/17/2014 Holiday Greeting Card Artwork ContestMelissa Montandon806-677-5065
9/16/2014 Trainings for Teachers of HB 5 English Language Arts College Prep ClassesRobin Adkins806.677.5077
9/8/2014 Ooey Gooey LadyCarla Parker677-5192
9/8/2014 Dr Marcia TateJamie Canales677-5191
8/27/2014 Trainings for Teachers of HB 5 Math and English Language Arts College PrepRobin Adkins806.677.5077
8/25/2014 Dr Marcia TateBowles, Pennie677-5191
8/25/2014 Ooey Gooey LadyParker, Carla677-5192
7/29/2014 Dr Marcia TateJamie Canales5191
7/29/2014 Ooey Gooey WorkshopCarla Parker677-5192
7/23/2014 First Year Teacher's AcademyKelly Thompson806-677-5183
6/11/2014 Assistive Technology ConferenceSusan Alexander677-5193
6/2/2014 Dr Marcia TateJamie Canales677-5191
5/6/2014 School Finance Template TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
5/5/2014 Dr Marcia TateJamie Canales677-5191
4/29/2014 2014-2015 Region 16 Calendar/DirectoryShirley Sanders806.677.5062
4/28/2014 Inclusion Solution Conference 2014Jamie Canales677-5191
4/28/2014 Fun Size STAAR Writing LessonsGwen Hicks806-677-5120
4/28/2014 A Language for Leadership with Thinking Maps806-677-5181Allison Silvert
4/22/2014 BLESL Save the dateKerry Howell677-5156
4/22/2014 ESL Summer WorkshopMary Bush677-5169
4/17/2014 Kagan June WorkshopsChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
4/15/2014 Dr Marcia TateJamie Canales677-5191
4/15/2014 GT Best Practice ConferenceFrances Pool806.677.5165
4/1/2014 AP Summer InstituteSusan Poteet806.677.5182
2/25/2014 Mental Health First Aid FlyerGwen Hicks806-677-5120
2/7/2014 i3 ConferenceGwen Hicks806-677-5120
1/6/2014 VideophonesGreg Stockstill806.677.5260
12/18/2013 Kagan January 2014 Workshop FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
12/12/2013 From Mastery to Proficiency FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
11/1/2013 Contracts for E-RateGreg Stockstill806.677.5260
10/25/2013 Rescheduling Session #401354 - Fundamentals of FBACrissy McDaniel806.677.5198
10/18/2013 VoIP Technology Services and eRateGreg Stockstill806.677.5260
10/3/2013 Region 16 Writing SessionsAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/26/2013 Revise Math TEKS Trainings FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
9/13/2013 Holiday Card Contest 2013Keila Sandridge806.677.5060
9/12/2013 Suzy Red WorkshopAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/6/2013 Using Humor, Music, Poetry Allison Silvertooth806-677-5181
8/20/2013 Kagan June 2014 Training FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
8/1/2013 Sheltered Instruction WorkshopKerry Howell677-5156
7/9/2013 Private School SummitGwen Hicks806-677-5120
7/1/2013 Workshop CancellationChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
6/24/2013 Kagan January 2014 FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
6/24/2013 Kagan October 2013 FlyerChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
6/24/2013 Kagan USA Tour 2013Christine Scroggs806.677.5275
6/24/2013 Balanced Literacy for Middle SchoolJeannia Aldaco806.677.5174
6/20/2013 Workshop Cancellation Susan Poteet806-677-5182
6/5/2013 Math TEKS FlyerBrenda Foster806-677-5139
5/23/2013 2013-14 Calendar/Directory of Region 16 SchoolsGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/22/2013 Workshop CancellationWhite, Mindy677-5145
5/15/2013 Inclusion ConferenceJamie Canales677-5191
5/15/2013 BL/ESL InstituteKerry Howell677-5156
5/13/2013 Advanced Placement Summer InstituteSusan Poteet806-677-5182
5/13/2013 School Finance Template WorkshopGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/8/2013 Teaching with Poverty in MindGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/8/2013 Publications Order FormGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/8/2013 2013 Statewide Parental Involvement ConfGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/8/2013 2014 Spring SummitGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/8/2013 16 Title 1 Professional Dev OppsGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
5/3/2013 Being An AmericanDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/23/2013 Project Share May Course FlyerJanet Dunavin806-677-5274
4/17/2013 TALA FlyerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
4/16/2013 Amarillo Conscious Discipline FlyerGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
4/12/2013 Supt PNP ParticipationGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
4/12/2013 2013-14 School Cal Grant, Melissa806.677.5102
4/10/2013 Rescheduling of TALA WorkshopAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
3/25/2013 Early Childhood ConferenceAmy Duggan677-5190
3/25/2013 2013 Secondary ELAR Exposition FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/11/2013 Project Share FlyerJanet Dunavin806-677-5274
3/7/2013 Measurement PK Guidelines Workshop Reschedule LetterTommye Lou Jones806-677-5173
3/7/2013 Measurement PK GuidelinesTommye Lou Jones806-677-5173
2/28/2013 2013 Job FairGwen Hicks806-677-5120
2/27/2013 i3 Conference 2013Grant, Melissa806.677.5102
2/15/2013 Board Committee WorkshopGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
1/22/2013 Board member vacanciesGrant, Melissa806.677.5102
1/21/2013 ESL Bilingual Title III Spring Summer WorkshopKerry Howell677-5156
1/21/2013 Love and Logic WorkshopAmy Duggan677-5190
1/17/2013 Handwriting Without TearsAmy Duggan677-5190
1/17/2013 Geometry and Spatial Relations for Pre-KTommye Lou Jones806-677-5173
1/11/2013 STAAR Systems New Math TEKS Training FlyerBrenda Foster806-677-5139
1/4/2013 TXASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy FlyerBrenda Foster806-677-5139
12/20/2012 TEKS PD Project Share CoursesGwen Hicks806-677-5120
12/19/2012 TexBuy Purchasing CoopCordell, Cole806-677-5052
12/11/2012 Fundamental 5 Book StudyDanna Beck806-677-5184
11/20/2012 Workshop CancellationFrances Pool806-677-5165
11/20/2012 Contracts for E-RateGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
11/14/2012 Reschedule of WorkshopJamie Canales677-5191
11/5/2012 Paraprofessional Training FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
11/5/2012 eRate and Network MovesSusanne Lacy806-677-5262
11/5/2012 i3 Save the DateJulie Massey806-677-5121
10/30/2012 VoIP Network Consultation and eRateSusanne Lacy806-677-5262
10/12/2012 504 Legal Updates FlyerDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/9/2012 Land and Legacy FlyerDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/28/2012 PACT FlyerKelly Thompson806-677-5183
9/27/2012 Reschecule of workshop #332149Mary Bush Thomas677-5169
9/19/2012 ESL/Bilingual/Title III Fall WorkshopsKerry Howell677-5156
9/18/2012 TALA WorkshopAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/18/2012 Best Practices Workshop Date ChangeFrances Pool806-677-5165
9/14/2012 Sheltered Instruction WorkshopKerry Howell677-5156
9/14/2012 Pre-School/PPCD Fall WorkshopAmy Duggan677-5190
9/13/2012 Holiday Greeting Card Artwork LetterShirley Sanders806-677-5062
9/4/2012 CScope Change of Address Workshop LetterMelissa Shedd806-677-5178
9/4/2012 CScope Chang of Address Workshop LetterMelissa Shedd806-677-5178
8/6/2012 First Year Teacher AcademyJulie Massey806-677-5121
7/6/2012 Cancelled WorkshopsBooth, Susan5202
5/31/2012 2012-2013 Migrant Identification and Recruitment LetterMelva Ornelas806-677-5160
5/23/2012 Poverty Workshops with Dr. Donna BeegleRobin Adkins806-677-5077
5/21/2012 Advanced Placement Summer InstituteSusan Poteet806-677-5182
5/17/2012 TPRI Training for TeachersKelly Thompson806-677-5183
5/3/2012 Supt Ltr 5-4-12Shirley Sanders806-677-5062
4/27/2012 2012 Math Conference FlyerBrenda Foster806-677-5139
4/26/2012 PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention and SupportsBooth, Susan5202
4/25/2012 Creating a Culture of Excllence for Students and Staff with Kevin TuttAngie Watson806-677-5177
4/17/2012 April 23 and May 2 2012 Budget Bootcamp Template trainingJeanette Irlbeck806-677-5033
4/12/2012 Pre-K Center of ExcellenceTommye Lou Jones677-5173
4/10/2012 Common Assessment Project Advisory Meetings Angie Watson806-677-5177
4/6/2012 Private Nonprofit School ParticipationSusan Trollinger806-677-5146
4/3/2012 GT Spring/Summer Workshops FlyerFrances Pool806-677-5165
3/30/2012 April 2012 ESC 16 Special Education Professional DevelopmentBooth, Susan5202
3/30/2012 EMAT InformationAngie Watson806-677-5177
3/30/2012 Letter from Keila Requesting PicturesKeila Sandridge806-677-5060
3/28/2012 Dust Bowl, Dirty Thirties Superintenent LetterDanna Beck806-677-5184
3/27/2012 ESL summer workshopsBowles, Pennie677-5206
3/22/2012 Video/Photo Release FormShirley Sanders806-677-5062
3/19/2012 Bilingual/esl InstituteBowles, Pennie677-5206
3/7/2012 Behavior Summer WorkshopsBooth, Susan5202
3/2/2012 Teacher of the Year ProgramGwen Hicks806-677-5120
3/1/2012 Wills, Trust, Guardianship flyerBooth, Susan5202
2/29/2012 TitleIII-Bilingual-ESL Spring MeetingBowles, Pennie677-5206
2/27/2012 i3 Conference FlyerGwen Hicks806-677-5120
2/14/2012 Follett DestinySwartz, Tammy806-677-5270
2/10/2012 Curriculum and Instruction Professional Development-February 2012Angie Watson806-677-5177
2/10/2012 Teacher Job FairGwen Hicks806-677-5120
2/10/2012 i3 ConferenceGwen Hicks806-677-5120
2/7/2012 RCEST/RCEMT 2012-13 ApplicationMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
2/6/2012 Special Ed Professional Development February 2012Lori Weiss806-677-5210
1/19/2012 Panhandle Area Teacher Job Fair Superintendent LetterGwen Hicks806-677-5120
1/13/2012 Arts and Media Communications FlyerGwen Hicks806-677-5120
1/13/2012 Arts and Media Communications Gwen Hicks806-677-5120
1/11/2012 Staar Trek FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5177
1/6/2012 Student Success WorkshopRobin Adkins806-677-5077
1/6/2012 Counselors WorkshopRobin Adkins806-677-5077
12/15/2011 Patterns-PreK Guidelines Training Session 302668Tommye Lou Jones677-5206
12/9/2011 Social Studies TransitionDanna Beck806-677-5184
12/8/2011 E-Rate Form Filing WindowLance Terrell806-677-5094
12/7/2011 Reschedule of Workshop, "Basics of the Texas Medicaid Waiver Program," Session #298561 from December 8, 2011 to February 29, 20Booth, Susan5202
12/5/2011 Science SummitLola Henning806-677-5187
11/29/2011 Superintendent MailoutBecky Book806-677-5127
11/18/2011 E-Rate UpdateGwen Hicks806-677-5120
11/16/2011 50 StrategiesPennie Bowles806-677-5206
11/16/2011 Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language LearnersBooth, Susan5206
11/11/2011 Records Management Workshop LetterGreen, Christi806-677-5102
11/11/2011 Records ManagementGreen, Christi806-677-5102
10/24/2011 Cancellation of Workshops-Session 291824, 286010, 283111, 283121, 283128Lori Weiss806-677-5210
10/24/2011 Cancellation of Workshop-Session 291630Lori Weiss806-677-5210
10/24/2011 Cancellation of Workshops-Session 279951, 286083, 286081Lori Weiss806-677-5210
10/17/2011 Destiny Commitment FormLacy, Susanne806-677-5262
10/11/2011 AAS-GT Fall Flyer 2011D'Aun Pratt806-677-5204
10/10/2011 Curriculum Angie Watson806-677-5177
10/6/2011 Cancelled: Sheltered Instruction using the SIOP Model, Session #273615Pennie Bowles5206
10/4/2011 Holiday Greeting Card ArtworkSandridge, Keila806-677-5060
10/3/2011 Recipe for SuccessKelly Thompson806-677-5183
9/30/2011 Susan PoteetMassey, Julie806-677-5182
9/27/2011 Title III-Bilingual-ESL Updates for Directors MeetingSusan Booth806-677-5202
9/2/2011 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom-CancellationWeiss, Lori806-677-5210
8/31/2011 Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners - September 21, 2011Booth, Susan5202
8/31/2011 Fall 2011 ESL #154 Supplemental TExES Certification Exam Study SessionsBooth, Susan5202
8/26/2011 Ready for STAARGreen, Christi806-677-5102
8/26/2011 Sheltered Instruction flyerBooth, Susan5202
8/19/2011 Destiny Hosting SolutionLacy, Susanne806-677-5262
8/15/2011 Campus Administrators Leadership SummitGreen, Christi806-677-5102
8/15/2011 Superintendent Leadership FusionGreen, Christi806-677-5102
7/29/2011 1st Year Teachers -Kelly Thompson.supmailKelly Thompson806-677-5183
7/27/2011 Instructional Materials AllotmentGwen Hicks806-677-5120
6/28/2011 Sheltered Instruction (SIOP I)Howell, Kerry806-677-5156
6/28/2011 School Finance Template WorkshopBrown, Neal806-677-5090
6/22/2011 Teaching Financial CirisDanna Beck806-677-5184
6/20/2011 I3 ConferenceDanna Beck806-677-5184
6/10/2011 Inclusion Related TrainingsCanales, Jamie806-677-5191
6/8/2011 Workshop CancellationFrances Pool806-677-5165
6/8/2011 Implementing Sheltered Instruction (SIOP II) TrainingHowell, Kerry806-677-5156
6/3/2011 RtI Conference/Vendor FairFrances Pool806-677-5165
5/27/2011 Project ShareTammy Swartz806-677-5270
5/27/2011 Workshop Cancellation_suptmailAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/27/2011 Got FluencyAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/26/2011 Special Education Workshop FlyerLori Weiss806-677-5210
5/23/2011 High School Classes Offered Via VideoconferenceStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
5/18/2011 RCEST Teaching 2011-12Michele McCurdy806-677-5176
5/18/2011 TALA AcademyAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/9/2011 ESC School Year Calendar 2011-202Sandridge, Keila806-677-5060
5/3/2011 50 Strategies for English Language LearnersHowell, Kerry806-677-5156
5/3/2011 ESC School Year Calendar 2011-12Sandridge, Keila806-677-5060
4/28/2011 Instructional Coaching for Instructional Leaders: Level 1Howell, Kerry806-677-5156
4/28/2011 TMSFA WorkshopAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
4/26/2011 The Science of Physical GeographyMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
4/26/2011 Being An AmericanDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/6/2011 Title III B/ESL Directors MtgHowell, Kerry806-677-5156
3/21/2011 Everyday EditingSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/15/2011 Spring 2011 GT SessionsFrances Pool806-677-5165
3/11/2011 AP Summer InstituteSusan Poteet806-677-5182
2/15/2011 Fifty Strategies For Teaching English Language LearnersKerry Howell806-677-5156
2/15/2011 CountDown To TAKSDanna Beck806-677-5184
2/10/2011 Comprehension Strategies for 3-5 ReadersKelly Thompson806-677-5183
1/21/2011 ESL #154 Study SessionKerry Howell806-677-5156
1/21/2011 Instructional CoachingKerry Howell806-677-5156
1/21/2011 Math Professional DevelopmentAngie Watson806-677-5177
1/14/2011 Social Studies-Dinah ZikeDanna Beck806-677-5184
1/12/2011 CSCOPE February WorkshopBrenda Foster806-677-5139
12/17/2010 TAKS 911 Sherry Clark806-677-5164
12/17/2010 Algebra ReadinessChristine Scroggs806-677-5275
12/9/2010 CSCOPE WorkshopsCurriculum and Instruction806-677-5275
12/9/2010 Rescheduled MSTAR WorkshopBrenda Foster806-677-5139
12/7/2010 Textbook Hearing 2011Susan Smith806-677-5173
12/3/2010 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleClark, Shirley806-677-5130
11/16/2010 RCESTSusan Smith806-677-5173
11/11/2010 Leadership AcademyGwen Hicks806-677-5120
11/1/2010 District Testing Coordinator TrainingZavala, Laura806-677-5074
10/29/2010 District SecretariesPoldson, Lee Ann677-5025
10/28/2010 Shh.. Don't Tell Them They're LearningSherry Clark806-677-5164
10/27/2010 Region 16 ESC Web SiteSandridge, Keila806-677-5060
10/22/2010 TAKS 911 Workshop CancellationSherry Clark806-677-5164
10/22/2010 ELPS AcademySherry Clark806-677-5164
10/12/2010 Fifty Strategies For Teaching English Language LearnersKerry Howell806-677-5156
10/11/2010 360 Walkthrough TrainingClark, Shirley806-677-5130
10/11/2010 Transditioning to STARRZavala, Laura806-677-5074
10/8/2010 TEA UpdatesAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
10/8/2010 CSCOPE OverviewBrenda Foster806-677-5139
10/4/2010 MSTAR Grades 7-8Brenda Foster806-677-5139
9/30/2010 Shakespeare SessionSusan Poteet806-677-5182
9/30/2010 K-2 ReadingKelly Thompson806-677-5183
9/30/2010 District Testing Coordinator State Assessment UpdatesZavala, Laura806-677-5074
9/29/2010 Region 16 Education SpotlightSandridge, Keila806-677-5060
9/20/2010 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System (PBMAS)Zavala, Laura806-677-5074
9/14/2010 2010-2011 RCEST Susan Smith806-677-5173
9/13/2010 CSCOPE Rollout 2nd 6 WksBrenda Foster806-677-5139
9/13/2010 Algebra I EOCSherry Clark806-677-5164
9/8/2010 MSTAR TrainingBrenda Foster806-677-5139
8/19/2010 Project ShareTammy Swartz806-677-5270
8/16/2010 Texas Statewide Network of Assessment Professionals (TSNAP) MeetingZavala, Laura806-677-5074
8/16/2010 New District Assessment Coordinator OrientationZavala, Laura806-677-5074
8/5/2010 Oral Language Proficiency Testing: Woodcock Munoz Language Survey - RevisedBush, Mary806-677-5169
8/5/2010 LPAC Language Proficiency Assessment CommitteeBush, Mary806-677-5169
7/15/2010 Accountability OverviewClark, Shirley806-677-5130
5/24/2010 State TrainingsAngie Watson806-677-5135
5/13/2010 RCESTSusan Smith806-677-5173
5/12/2010 2010-11 Calendar/DirectorySandridge, Keila806-677-5060
5/10/2010 Commissioner's Rule Review Regional Stakeholder MeetingsKeila Sandridge806-677-5060
5/10/2010 ELPS for MathFrances Pool806-677-5165
5/3/2010 Project ShareDebbie Purvines806-677-5270
4/27/2010 TPRI Additional DatesKelly Thompson806-677-5183
4/20/2010 Panhandle Regional Forum on Youth Alcohol and Drug AbuseEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
4/14/2010 LPAC End of Year Documentation TrainingZavala, Laura806-677-5074
4/12/2010 2010-2011 Calendar Letter to SuperintendentsQueen, Lynda806-677-5429
3/30/2010 CSCOPE Makeover Gr. 6-12Susan Poteet806-677-5182
3/30/2010 CSCOPE Makeover Gr. K-2Kelly Thompson806-677-5183
3/30/2010 CSCOPE Makeover Gr. 3-5Allison Silvertooth806-677-5181
3/30/2010 School Finance Template TrainingBrown, Neal806-677-5090
3/25/2010 TPRIKelly Thompson806-677-5183
3/25/2010 50 Strategies for Teaching ELLsLaura Zavala806-677-5074
3/23/2010 2010 Advanced Placement InstituteSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/16/2010 21st Century Survey LetterLacy, Susanne806-677-5260
3/11/2010 Title III/Bilingual/ESL Updates for Directors' MeetingKerry Howell806-677-5156
3/11/2010 Flip into Success: ELPS at a GlanceKerry Howell806-677-5156
3/2/2010 Transforming Math Gr.6-12Angie Watson806-677-5135
2/11/2010 TPR Storytelling Foreign Language Susan Poteet806-677-5182
2/11/2010 Middle School MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
2/11/2010 DyslexiaKelly Thompson806-677-5183
2/11/2010 Secondary MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
2/11/2010 Playing by the Rules-ELA 3-12Susan Poteet806-677-5182
1/19/2010 TELPAS online systemLaura Zavala806-677-5074
12/16/2009 Raising Resilient ChildrenEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
12/16/2009 Gang AwarenessEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
12/16/2009 Asthma Management and EducationEudy, Jo Ann806-677-5143
12/16/2009 School Support Teams TrainingReid, Diane806-677-5170
12/16/2009 RCEST Superintendent LetterAngie Watson806-677-5135
12/15/2009 2009 Textbook Hearing 2010Reid, Diane806-677-5170
12/9/2009 Cover Letter For Contracts 2010Stockstill, Greg806-677-5260
12/1/2009 #154 Supplemental TExES Certification Exam Study SessionsLaura Zavala806-677-5074
11/19/2009 2010 TELPAS 2-12 Kerry Howell806-677-5156
11/16/2009 School Support Team Training FlyerReid, Diane806-677-5170
11/16/2009 Shattered Dreams FlyerJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
11/16/2009 Shattered Dreams TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
11/13/2009 Science TAKS CampMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
11/13/2009 CSCOPELola Henning806-677-5187
11/13/2009 TMSDSMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
11/13/2009 Jazz Up Math with JournalingAngie Watson806-677-5135
11/9/2009 Cancel Workshop - Best Practices in School SafetyJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
11/9/2009 Data DIG FlyerReid, Diane806-677-5170
11/3/2009 Online Course Improving Literacy Strategies for MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/28/2009 Pandemic Flu TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
10/23/2009 GT Update WorkshopSusan Carr806-677-5148
10/23/2009 GT Update WorkshopSusan Carr806-677-5148
10/22/2009 What's Policy? What's Not?Jo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
10/22/2009 Connect Safely on the InternetJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
10/22/2009 CATCH TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
10/22/2009 Best Practices in School SafetyJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
10/16/2009 #154 Supplemental TExES Certification Exam Study SessionLaura Zavala806-677-5074
10/16/2009 Do Not Desert Your ELLs-Mary CastanuelaKerry Howell806-677-5156
10/16/2009 Wirte from the Beginning Gr. k-2Susan Poteet806-677-5182
10/16/2009 Write from the Beginning Gr. 3-5Susan Poteet806-677-5182
10/16/2009 ELA Workshop 3-12 GradesSusan Poteet806-677-5182
10/16/2009 ELA Workshop 6-12 GradeSusan Poteet806-677-5182
10/11/2009 Documentation Training for AdministratorsShirley Clark, Crystal Dockery806-677-5130
10/6/2009 Early Computer Purchasing CoopStockstill, Greg806-677-5260
10/1/2009 Math for ELL Gr. 6-12Angie Watson806-677-5135
10/1/2009 Stem CycleSusan Smith806-677-5173
9/21/2009 PDAS Refresher for AdministratorsCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
9/21/2009 Fall Focus on DisciplineBabcock, Clark, Jenkins806-677-5130
9/21/2009 AYP Analysis PlanningShirley Clark806-677-5130
9/21/2009 360 Walkthrough TrainingShirley Clark806-677-5130
9/21/2009 2009 Leadership AcademyClark, Dockery, Parker Grimes, Reid806-677-5130
9/21/2009 Joshua Horton FlyerSharon Mills806-677-51393
9/17/2009 Building a College and Career Readiness Culture in Your School: Module 1-4Kerry Howell806-677-5156
9/15/2009 GeoGegraAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/15/2009 AAS/GT Professional DevelopmentSusan Carr806-677-5148
9/11/2009 Attachment to Alternative Certification 4-9-09 letterParker Grimes, Hollis806-677-5086
9/11/2009 Alternative Certification for TeachersParker Grimes, Hollis806-677-5082
9/11/2009 MSTARAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/11/2009 Podcasting In MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/11/2009 On-line MS Math Using the TI-73Angie Watson806-677-5135
9/10/2009 Transforming School Culture wih Dr. Anthony MuhammadAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/10/2009 Kaye Price HawkinsAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/10/2009 Understanding and Articulating the CurriculumGwen Hicks806-677-5177
9/8/2009 Breaking the TAKS CurseAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/8/2009 TI-83 Plus TI-84 TrainingAngie Watson806-677-5135
8/31/2009 PDAS New Teacher OrientationDockery, Crystal806-677-5149
8/27/2009 Region 16 Collaborative for Excellence in ScienceSmith, Susan806-677-5173
8/25/2009 First Time Campus Administrators AcademyDockery, Crystal806-677-5149
8/21/2009 Progressive Agriculture Health and Safety DayWendy Branstine806-677-5151
8/21/2009 TPRI for New Teachers of Grades K-3Wanda Doughten806-677-5275
8/19/2009 Paraprofessional Development Academy (PDA)Gwen Hicks806-677-5177
8/7/2009 Language Proficiency Assessment Committee Training/LPAC ReviewLaura Zavala806-677-5074
7/28/2009 Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) TrainingKerry Howell806-677-5156
7/28/2009 In-Service for Home Educators of Migrant PreschoolersKerry Howell806-677-5156
7/15/2009 Major Rivers: A Texas-specific Water Education ProgramLola Henning806-677-5187
7/15/2009 Strengthening Science Through Best Practices (K-5)Lola Henning806-677-5187
7/15/2009 Elementary Science and the English Language Learner Grades 4 and 5Lola Henning806-677-5187
7/15/2009 5E Instructional ModelLola Henning806-677-5187
6/30/2009 Upcoming SMART Board TrainingsJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
6/23/2009 First Time Campus Admistrator's AcademyCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
6/19/2009 MailMeter Superintendent LetterGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
6/17/2009 Help with the ELPS Make-and-Take for Grades K-5 & 6-12Laura Zavala806-677-5074
6/12/2009 Kim & Kids: All Stars Theme ProgramJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
6/5/2009 SUZY REDGLENNA HATLEY806-677-5168
5/27/2009 Equine Essentials Classroom Management SystemMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
5/26/2009 Academy for New TeachersAllison Silvertooth and Michele McCurdy806-677-5181
5/8/2009 2009-2010 Calendar InformationJohn Bass806/677-5015
5/8/2009 2009 Accountability WorkshopsShirley Clark806-677-5130
5/7/2009 Money, The Economy, and MeDanna Beck806-677-5184
5/6/2009 Geometer's Sketchpad & LessonLInkAngie Watson806-677-5135
5/6/2009 Algebra 2/Precalculus Foundations of Functions: Inverses & Solving EquationsAngie Watson806-677-5135
5/6/2009 The Arts have the H.O.T.S. (Higher Order Thinking Skills)Karen Shawver806-677-5140
5/6/2009 Foreign Language Teaching: Fancy and Fun!Karen Shawver806-677-5140
5/6/2009 Elementary Research with V. Carlile: An Exploration of Animals (Science K-3)Lola Henning806-677-5187
5/6/2009 Migrant Identification and Recruitment (ID&R) New Generation System (NGS)Krystal Seymour806-677-5154
5/6/2009 Teaching Botany using Fast PlantsMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
5/5/2009 Campus Data Collection WalkthroughsShirley Clark806-677-5130
5/4/2009 Elementary Mathematics Summer Workshops 2009Sharon Mills806-677-5139
5/4/2009 Region 16 Collaborative for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching (RCEMT)Angie Watson806-677-5135
5/4/2009 Region 16 Collaborative for Excellence in Science Teaching (RCEST)Susan Smith806-677-5173
4/30/2009 Register Now for TALAAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
4/30/2009 Third Annual Secondary Literacy InstituteAllison Silvertooth and Susan Poteet806-677-5181
4/30/2009 Secondary Science - Mechanical Energy (Inclines)Michele McCurdy806-677-5176
4/30/2009 TMSDS - Texas Math and Science Diagnostic SystemMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
4/28/2009 Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
4/28/2009 Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training - FlyerJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
4/24/2009 Driver's Education Instructor's WorkshopCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
4/16/2009 Pirate Island AdventureDanna Beck806-677-5184
4/15/2009 Integrating Unitedstreaming Into the ClassroomJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
4/15/2009 LPAC End-of-Year Meeting UpdatesLaura Zavala806-677-5074
4/14/2009 Character Education and Gifted Learners: Links and Consequences (K-12)Susan Carr806-677-5148
4/14/2009 Chemistry EOC Exams and the Revised Chemistry TEKSMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
4/3/2009 2009-2010 School Year CalendarLynda Queen806-677-5429
4/3/2009 Fourteeth Annual Panhandle Elementary Literacy InstituteCarla Parker and Allison Silvertooth806-677-5183
3/31/2009 An Elementary Child's Journey from Civil War to Civil RightsDanna Beck806-677-5184
3/30/2009 Gang and Drug Awareness UpdateShirely Clark and Crystal Dockery806-677-5130
3/27/2009 School Board of the YearRay Cogburn & Crystal Dockery806-677-5149
3/27/2009 Texas Projection MeasureShirley Clark806-677-5130
3/25/2009 We The PeopleDanna Beck806-677-5184
3/25/2009 ServSafe Certification Training for CTE Teachers Superintendent LetterMindy White806-677-5145
3/25/2009 Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Superintendent LetterMindy White806-677-5145
3/25/2009 Step Tall for CTE Teachers Superintendent LetterMindy White806-677-5145
3/24/2009 Panhandle Area Teacher Job FairRay Cogburn & Hollis Parker Grimes806-677-5075
3/24/2009 Panhandle Area Teacher Job Fair FlyerRay Cogburn & Hollis Parker Grimes806-677-5075
3/24/2009 Panhandle Area Teacher Job Fair Vacancy Request formRay Cogburn & Hollis Parker Grimes806-677-5075
3/24/2009 Certification UpdateCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
3/20/2009 ESL ExCET/TExES Review Academy - OnlineSal Martinez806-677-5162
3/20/2009 Navigating the ELPs: Using the New Standards to Improve Instruction for English LearnersKerry Howell806-677-5156
3/20/2009 Cancellation of Workshop: DMAC Sessions #128034, 128030, 128031 & 128032Valli Townsend806-677-5170
3/17/2009 CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Training for Elementary, Middle and Junior High SchoolsJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
3/10/2009 K12 Database ProgramGlenna Hatley806-677-5168
3/10/2009 p.a.p.a. Training: Parenting and Paternity AwarenessJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
3/10/2009 Vision 2020 Grant Cycle 2Jennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
3/10/2009 Bill of Rights InstituteDanna Beck806-677-5184
3/9/2009 DMACJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
3/9/2009 2009 Advanced Placement Summer Institutes Superintendent LettersSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/6/2009 Summer & Fall ILD/PDAS workshopsCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
3/5/2009 Powerful Ingredients for Digitally Interactive LearningJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
3/5/2009 EMAT Training Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
3/5/2009 Geometry Using Cabri Jr. and the TI-84 PlusAngie Watson806-677-5135
3/5/2009 Getting Started with TI-NspireAngie Watson806-677-5135
3/5/2009 TAKS Essential Science Concepts for Exit-LevelMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
3/5/2009 Inquiry Matters for Middle School ScienceMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
2/27/2009 Title III/Bilingual/ESL Updates for Directors MeetingLaura Zavala806-677-5074
2/24/2009 Bilingual Education Supplemental EC-4 (#102) TExES Review SessionLaura Zavala806-677-5074
2/23/2009 Differentiation Strategies for Gifted Social Studies Students Grades 4-8Danna Beck and Susan Carr806-677-5184
2/23/2009 Hatton Sumners InstituteDanna Beck806-677-5184
2/19/2009 Mathematics Assessment Online Training for Grades K-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
2/17/2009 The Differentiated Math Classroom Grades K-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
2/13/2009 Breaking the TAKS Curse: Grades 6-8 MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
2/13/2009 Math TEKS Connections Grades 9-12Angie Watson806-677-5135
2/13/2009 Trait Based Writing InstructionSusan Poteet806-677-5182
2/13/2009 RtI Logistics: A Planning Guide Targeted for RtI Campus TeamsWendy Peeples806-677-5275
2/13/2009 Building Background Knowledge with DifferentiationCarla Parker or Wendy Peeples806-677-5183
2/9/2009 Web 2.0 Boot CampJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/6/2009 Dr. David Lamp and Physics for Grades 3-5Lola Henning806-677-5187
2/6/2009 Technology Planning DayJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/5/2009 From Atlanta with LoveMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
2/4/2009 Driving on the Right Side of the RoadDanna Beck806-677-5184
2/4/2009 LearnKey Software TutorialsJennifer McDaniel and Ladonna Martin806-677-5270
2/4/2009 Engaging Students with Digital MediaJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/4/2009 ESL ExCET/TExES Review AcademySal Martinez806-677-5162
2/3/2009 Tobacco Prevention ProjectJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
2/3/2009 TMSDS - Texas Math & Science Diagnostic SystemMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
2/3/2009 Math for English Language Learners Grades K-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
1/26/2009 The Differentiated Math ClassroomSharon Mills806-677-5139
1/26/2009 Algebra Using the TI-83 Plus/TI84 PlusAngie Watson806-677-5135
1/26/2009 Teaching Mathematics TEKS through Technology: Grades 6-8Angie Watson806-677-5135
1/26/2009 Mathematics Assessment for Grades 6-8Angie Watson806-677-5135
1/26/2009 Mathematics Assessment for Grades 9-12Angie Watson806-677-5135
1/23/2009 TASB HR Services WorkshopsHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
1/23/2009 TASB HR Services Workshops FlyerHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
1/23/2009 Update on Commissioner's Rules of Creditable ServiceCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
1/23/2009 360 Walkthrough TrainingShirely Clark and Crystal Dockery806-677-5130
1/23/2009 Elementary Core Science Units Force & MotionLola Henning806-677-5187
1/23/2009 Elementary Core Science Units Earth ScienceLola Henning806-677-5187
1/23/2009 Engineering is Elementary: Leif Catches the WindLola Henning806-677-5187
1/23/2009 Middle School Core Science UnitsLola Henning806-677-5187
1/23/2009 Count Down to TAKSDanna Beck806-677-5184
1/16/2009 Alternative Certification Program-Interns Required FormHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
1/16/2009 2009 School Bus AuctionCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
1/15/2009 Middle School Chemical InteractionsLola Henning806-677-5187
1/14/2009 Elementary Core Science UnitsLola Henning806-677-5187
1/13/2009 Implementing Impactful Instruction (I³): Strategy 1 Online Training for Teachers of English Language LearnersLaura Zavala806-677-5074
1/9/2009 Region 16 Collaborative for Excellence in Science Teaching: Early Childhood ScienceSusan G. Smith806-677-5173
1/8/2009 Energy Education in Science Grades 6-10Michele McCurdy806-677-5176
1/7/2009 TEXTEAMS Algebra II/Precalculus InstituteAngie Watson806-677-5135
1/7/2009 CSCOPE ScienceLola Henning and Michele McCurdy806-677-5187
1/7/2009 Cancellation of Workshops, Session #76136 and #76111Jo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
12/17/2008 Navigating the ELPS: Using the New Standards to Improve Instruction for English LearnersKerry Howell806-677-5156
12/17/2008 Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) TrainingKerry Howell806-677-5156
12/15/2008 MTC: Math TEKS Connections K-2Sharon Mills806-677-5139
12/15/2008 MTC: Math TEKS Connections 3-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
12/15/2008 Secondary Science Elastic EnergyMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
12/9/2008 Secretaries Legal ConferenceRobin Adkins806-677-5020
12/5/2008 Administrator's Appraisal WorkshopCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
12/5/2008 Rider 76: Demystifying Shared Service ArrangementsRay Cogburn & Crystal Dockery806-677-5149
12/4/2008 Wilson Language TrainingCarla Parker806-677-5183
12/3/2008 p.a.p.a. Training (Parenting and Paternity Awareness) WorkshopJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
12/2/2008 School Safety Audit Training 2009Ray Cogburn & Susan G. Smith806-677-5173
12/1/2008 Technology Contracts for E-rateGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
11/25/2008 Documentation Training for AdministratorsShirely Clark and Crystal Dockery806-677-5130
11/21/2008 Microsoft Office Specialists CertificationMindy White806-677-5145
11/17/2008 Intervention101: Implementing an Effective Intervention for Struggling Middle School ReadersAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
11/17/2008 Alternate Algorithms: Grades 2-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
11/17/2008 Stimulating Strategies that Pump Power into Numbers - Grades K-5 by Robin SilbeySharon Mills806-677-5139
11/12/2008 PASA ConferenceLaura Zavala806-677-5074
11/11/2008 Suicide Prevention, Gatekeeper TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
11/11/2008 Leadership Academy 2008Diane Reid806-677-5177
11/11/2008 High School Allotment FundsRay Cogburn806-677-5075
11/6/2008 Texas Panhandle World War II Stories Superintendent LetterDanna Beck806-677-5184
11/4/2008 PDAS New Teacher OrientationCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
11/3/2008 Quantile Framework for MathematicsAngie Watson806-677-5135
11/3/2008 CSCOPE IPC & Biology Fourth 6 Weeks Science Share-A-ThonMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
11/3/2008 PI NewsletterDaphne Nazworth806.677.5124
11/3/2008 PI Newsletter - October - SpanishDaphne Nazworth806.677.5124
11/3/2008 Jo MascarroCindy Todd806.677.5138
10/31/2008 Career Connections/Investigations Certification TrainingMindy White806-677-5145
10/31/2008 Lexlie MetaMetricsAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
10/30/2008 Math Coach: Goals & RolesAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/27/2008 CSCOPE Science Share-A-ThonLola Henning806-677-5187
10/27/2008 CSCOPE Science 4th 6 Weeks Grades 6-8Lola Henning806-677-5187
10/24/2008 Teaching the Millennial GenerationMindy White806-677-5145
10/23/2008 Texas Virtual School NetworkDiane Reid806-677-5177
10/15/2008 TAKS Personalized Study Guide Awareness ProgramDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/15/2008 RtI Logistics of InterventionWendy Peeples806-677-5275
10/13/2008 World War II Outreach: The Next StepDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/13/2008 Texteams Algebra I: 2000 & BeyondAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/10/2008 2008 Leadership AcademyClark,Dockery, Grimes, Reid806-677-5149
10/7/2008 Integrating CTE and AcademicsMindy White806-677-5145
10/3/2008 Planning for your District Dyslexia Program and Dyslexia Assessment and InterpretationCarla Parker806-677-5183
10/3/2008 Math TEKS Refinement (MTR) Grades K-2Sharon Mills806-677-5139
10/1/2008 The American President FlyerDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/1/2008 Joshua Horton FlyerSharon Mills806-677-5139
10/1/2008 TI-83 Plus FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/30/2008 PDAS Update for AdministratorsCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
9/30/2008 DATE Audio Conference Series for Non-Participating DistrictsHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
9/26/2008 MLT Fall Legal Update WorkshopCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
9/25/2008 Middle Grade Mathematics Using the TI-73 Explorer Workshop FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/25/2008 CSCOPE Science 3rd 6 weeks Grades 6-8Lola Henning806-677-5187
9/25/2008 Physics for Early ChildhoodLola Henning806-677-5187
9/25/2008 Science is a Blast Science Solutions II with Angie Kornele FlyerLola Henning806-677-5187
9/23/2008 T.E.E.G and D.A.T.E. Grant Technical Assistance MeetingHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5082
9/23/2008 Personnel Services New WebsiteHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
9/22/2008 Empowering Educators through Professional Learning Communities with Anthony Muhammad FlyerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/22/2008 Do More Than Just Keep Your Head Above Water for New Secondary ELA Teachers FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
9/22/2008 The Nuts and Bolts: A Guide for New Testing Coordinators Workshop FlyerDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/22/2008 Learn Key Online Tutorials FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
9/19/2008 Region 16 ESC Holiday Card ContestKeila Sandridge806-677-5060
9/17/2008 T-STEM Cycle 4 Applicant’s Conference, TETN Event #31731SUSAN G. SMITH806-677-5173
9/15/2008 Maximizing Algebra 2 Performance Workshop FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/15/2008 Math for English Language Learners Grades 6-12 Workshop FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/15/2008 TEXTEAMS: Rethinking Middle School Math Proportionality Across the TEKS Grades 6-8 Workshop FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/12/2008 Kaye Price Hawkins Grades 2-8 Trainings FlyerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/11/2008 Cooperative Learning in the Core Contents Workshop Cancellation Superintendent LetterDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/11/2008 Children's Thinking in Measurement Workshop FlyerSharon Mills806-677-5139
9/9/2008 Kaye Price Hawkins FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
9/5/2008 Date Change for District Assessment Coordinator Trianing Superintendent LetterDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/5/2008 PBMAS Workshop 10-14-2008Shirley Clark806-677-5130
9/3/2008 Math TEKS Connections (MTC) for Grades 6-8 FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/3/2008 Fostering Algebraic Thinking FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/3/2008 Error Response Data Analysis Measuring Instructional Effectiveness on TAKSSharon Mills806-677-5139
9/3/2008 Mechanical Energy for Secondary ScienceLola Henning806-677-5187
9/3/2008 Middle School Chemical Interactions FlyerMichele McCurdy806-677-5176
8/29/2008 p.a.p.a. Training: Parenting and Paternity AwarenessJO ANN EUDY806-677-5143
8/28/2008 RTI and the Classroom Teacher FlyerWendy Peeples806-677-5276
8/28/2008 Kimberly Willis-Holt FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
8/28/2008 Secondary ELA Hands-On WorkshopSusan Poteet806-677-5182
8/22/2008 First Time Campus Admistrator's AcademyCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
8/22/2008 Education Services Contact List Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/22/2008 Paraprofessional Training Superintendent Letter and FlyerDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/20/2008 MTM Information Flyer and ApplicationAngie Watson806-677-5135
8/20/2008 MTC Geometry FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
7/25/2008 RTI Vendor Fair FlyerWanda Doughten806-677-5183
7/25/2008 Electronic Filing CooperativeGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
7/18/2008 2008-2010 Rural Technology Grant Pilot Program-Cycle 2Diane Reid806-677-5177
7/15/2008 Texas Middle School Flyency Assessment (TMSFA) Workshop SessionsAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
7/11/2008 Alternative Certification ProgramHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5086
7/3/2008 Video Maintenance 2008-2009Jeff Rogers806-677-5267
7/3/2008 Cancellation of Workshops: Session #71104 and Session #71106 Superintendent LetterSharon Mills806-677-5139
6/27/2008 WS cancellation LeopardGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
6/26/2008 Middle School Core Science FlyerLola Henning806-677-5178
6/26/2008 Elementary School Core Science Units FlyerLola Henning806-677-5178
6/13/2008 Cancellation of Workshop: #71135Sharon Mills806-677-5139
6/11/2008 Secondary Math Summer WorkshopsAngie Watson806-677-5135
6/3/2008 Change in Date for Workshop: "Join the World of Wikis" - Session #71564Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
5/30/2008 Texas Virtual School and Vision 2020Jennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
5/30/2008 Cancellation of Workshop: Irlen Screener Training, Session #49371Wanda Doughten806-677-5183
5/15/2008 Successful Instructional Math Strategies for Students Grades 5-9Sharon Mills806-677-5139
5/15/2008 Mathematics & TEKS Revisions for Grades K-8: Putting the Pieces TogetherSharon Mills806-677-5139
5/15/2008 Success with TAKS: Research Based Strategies & Activities to Improve Student Performance for Grades 5-9Sharon Mills806-677-5139
5/13/2008 2008 Orientation to the TECRobin Adkins806-677-5020
5/12/2008 Kickoff Conference for Regional Collaborative for Excellence in Mathematics TeachingAngie Watson806-677-5178
5/12/2008 Major Rivers: A Texas-specific Water Education ProgramLola Henning806-677-5187
5/9/2008 NCCER Certification for TeachersMINDY WHITE806-677-5145
5/6/2008 Private School Summit Featuring Kim GeddieCindy Todd806.677.5138
4/25/2008 Principles of Technology: Course Update FlyerLola Henning806-377-5187
4/12/2008 Jo Moscorro's "CHAOS with Your Kids?!? Tips for Daily Routine from Sun-Up to Sun-Down"Melissa Hardy806-677-5191
4/4/2008 TASB HR Services: HR Legal Issues for SupervisorsHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5060
4/4/2008 Chemistry with Dr. Bob Blake FlyerLola Henning806-677-5187
4/1/2008 2008 Elementary and Secondary Literacy Institute BrochureWanda Doughten, Susan Poteet, Allison Silvertooth806-677-5183
4/1/2008 Blackboard Instructor Training Cancellation Superintendent LetterDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
3/28/2008 CSCOPE District Advisory Meeting Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
3/28/2008 International Initiative - Hiring Highly Qualified Teachers from MexicoHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5060
3/28/2008 Effective Discipline LetterLana Fry806-677-5196
3/27/2008 Poetry 101 FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/26/2008 AYP Cluster Meeting for School ImprovementCindy Todd806-677-5138
3/25/2008 Laying the Foundation Pre-AP Training FlyerSusan Poteet806-677-5182
3/24/2008 Save the Date for the Texas Adolescent Literacy Academies FlyerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
3/24/2008 Response to Intervention (RTI) Vendor Fair Vendor LetterWanda Doughten806-677-5183
3/20/2008 TEXSHEP Summer School Ltr to SuptMiriam Lynch806-677-5129
3/20/2008 Integrating Unitedstreaming Into The Classroom FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
3/14/2008 2009 Teacher of the Year ProgramHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5060
3/10/2008 Flickr Videoconference FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
3/7/2008 Dropout Prevention and Parent Involvement Needs AssessmentCindy Todd806.677.5138
3/4/2008 Family FrameworksMiriam Lynch806-677-5129
2/29/2008 TASA Study Group Meeting DatesRobin Adkins806/677-5020
2/27/2008 TMDS/TSDS Teacher Trainings FlyersJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/27/2008 TMDS/TSDS Campus/District Administrator TrainingJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/22/2008 Google Earth Videoconference Cancellation Superintendent LetterHeather Voran806-677-5276
2/22/2008 RTI Teams Follow-Up - March 27 & 28, 2008Stormetta Stateler806-677-5199
2/21/2008 PASCO Workshop FlyerLola Henning806-677-5187
2/19/2008 p.a.p.a. Training: Parenting & Paternity AwarenessJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
2/18/2008 EBSCO Basics Workshop FlyerGlenna Hatley806-677-5121
2/18/2008 EBSCO Advanced Workshop FlyerGlenna Hatley806-677-5121
2/15/2008 Building Engaged SchoolsCindy Todd806.677.5138
2/14/2008 Developing Tools and Resources for Parental Involvement ProgramsMiriam Lynch806.6775129
2/14/2008 Online Software Tutorials FlyerJennifer McDaniel, Debbie Purvines, Heather Voran806-677-5270
2/13/2008 Finale_Notepad_Videoconfernece_FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
2/13/2008 DMAC_Workshop_FlyerDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
2/12/2008 The Science Key FlyerLola Henning806-677-5187
2/12/2008 Computer Purchasing CoopGreg Stockstill806 677-5260
2/12/2008 "AI Issues for Speech Language Pathologists"Stormetta Stateler806-677-5199
2/8/2008 Creating Web Pages in Blackboard Workshop Cancellation Superintendent LetterHeather Voran & Debbie Purvines806-677-5276
2/8/2008 February Internet Sites of the Month Videoconference Cancellation Superintendent LetterHeather Voran806-677-5276
2/8/2008 Progress Monitoring for Emergent and Beginning Readers Workshop FlyerWanda Doughten806-677-5183
2/7/2008 Best Practices in Reading Instruction for ELLs BrochureWanda Doughten806-677-5183
2/5/2008 Advanced Placement Summer Institutes Superintendent LetterSusan Poteet806-677-5182
1/25/2008 CSCOPE District User License Agreement Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
1/22/2008 Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 VideoconferenceJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
1/22/2008 Dating Violence Policy Working Roundtable DiscussionCrystal Dockery806-677-5149
1/21/2008 Design Squad: Bring Engineering into your Secondary Science Classroom FlyerLola Henning806-677-5187
1/18/2008 Needs Assessment MeetingsJohn Bass806-677-5025
1/15/2008 Life Science WorkshopLola Henning806-677-5187
1/15/2008 2008 At Risk ConferenceGwen Hicks677-5310
1/15/2008 2008 At-Risk Conference flyerGwen Hicks806-677-5310
1/10/2008 TMDS/TSDS Workshop FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
1/8/2008 Microsoft Access 2007 VideoconferenceJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
1/4/2008 Cancellation of Symantec Ghost WorkshopTim Smith806 677-5254
12/14/2007 Higher Order Thinking Questions for Math Grades 1-5 FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
12/14/2007 Higher Order Thinking Questions for Math Grades 6-8 FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
12/14/2007 Texas Virtual Schools and Information Superintendent LetterJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
12/14/2007 Region 16 ESC Textbook Hearing Superintendent LetterJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
12/14/2007 iSafe Workshop Supterintendent LetterDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
12/14/2007 Secretaries' Legal ConferenceRobin Adkins806/677-5020
12/7/2007 AskTED Update ReminderHollis Parker Grimes806-677-5060
12/7/2007 Exploring High School Math Workshop Cancellation Superintendent LetterAngie Watson806-677-5178
12/7/2007 Grant Funds for Pre-Kindergarten ExpansionTommye Lou Jones806-677-5310
11/30/2007 Erate Letter 2008Greg Stockstill806 677-5260
11/30/2007 PI OpportunitiesM Lynch806 677 5129
11/28/2007 Exploring High School MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
11/20/2007 PACETAH II Grant Superintendent LetterDanna Beck806-677-5184
11/16/2007 VHS Tape Give AwayGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
11/15/2007 Level I Orientation to the TECRobin Adkins806-677-5020
11/13/2007 Microsoft Excel 2007 VideoconferenceJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
11/12/2007 5 Components of WritingWanda Doughten806-677-5183
11/9/2007 SCHOOL SAFETY AUDIT TRAINING 2008Susan G. Smith806-677-5173
11/8/2007 Leadership AcademyDiane Reid806-677-5177
11/7/2007 8th Grade TAKS DisaggreationDanna Beck806-677-5184
11/7/2007 Reading, Writing, & Problem Solving in Math Grades 6-8Angie Watson806-677-5135
11/6/2007 Reading, Writing & Problem Solving in Math Grades 1-5Angie Watson806-677-5135
10/30/2007 World History/World Geography ConnectionsDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/30/2007 MTC Cancellation Superintendent LetterSharon Mills806-677-5139
10/29/2007 Strategies for The Struggling Readers - Secondary LevelSusan Poteet806-677-5182
10/26/2007 The Nature and Process of High School Science: A Closer Look at TAKS Objective TwoLola Henning806-677-5187
10/26/2007 Science Solutions for Grades K-8Lola Henning806-677-5187
10/23/2007 ERate Veteran's Update VideoconferenceDebbie Purvines806-677-5124
10/22/2007 TAKS Data Analysis for Grades K-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
10/18/2007 Math TAKS Data Analysis Grades 6-8Angie Watson806-677-5135
10/18/2007 Math TAKS Data Analysis Grades 9-12Angie Watson806-677-5135
10/16/2007 Microsoft Word 2007 VideoconferenceJennifer McDaniel806-677-5270
10/16/2007 Texas Behavior Support Initiative Modules 1 - 6Lana Fry806-677-5196
10/12/2007 Perfectly Planned PI Strategies for Hard to Reach ParentsMiriam Lynch677-5129
10/11/2007 U.S. History TAKS DisaggregationDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/9/2007 Strategies That Work in the Social Studies ClassroomDanna Beck806-677-5184
10/9/2007 Behavior Management StrategiesCindy todd677-5138
10/5/2007 Kaye Price Hawkins Make-and-Take Day FlyerWanda Doughten806-677-5183
9/28/2007 Texas Virtual Schools Superintendent Letter and FlyerJennifer McDaniel806-677-5120
9/27/2007 2007 504 UpdatesDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/25/2007 HQ Teacher Planning Requirement UpdateMiriam Lynch677-5129
9/25/2007 HQ Teachers & Title I Paraprofessional RequirementsMiriam Lynch677-5129
9/24/2007 Social Studies TEKS & TAKS for New TeachersDanna Beck806-677-5184
9/21/2007 FAKS ONLINE Cancellation Superintendent LetterDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
9/21/2007 Grades 3-5 Math AcademySharon Mills806-677-5139
9/21/2007 Grades K-2 Math AcademySharon Mills806-677-5139
9/21/2007 The Nature and Process of High School Science: A Closer Look at TAKS Objective OneLola Henning806-677-5187
9/19/2007 Tier III Within RTIWanda Doughten806-677-5183
9/10/2007 Texas Adolecent Literacy Academies (TALA) Superintendent LetterAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
9/7/2007 INTEGRATING ACADEMICS WITH CTEMindy White806-677-5143
9/4/2007 Texas Support for Homeless Ed Programs(TEXSHEP) GrantMiriam Lynch677-5129
8/28/2007 Digital Knowledge Central Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/27/2007 Homeless Student ResidentMiriam Lynch677-5129
8/21/2007 UIL Number Sense FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
8/21/2007 Motivating Mathematics 2007 FlyerAngie Watson806-677-5135
8/17/2007 ABSTINENCE TRAINING SUPT'S LETTERJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
8/17/2007 CTE PEIMS CODING Mindy White806-677-5145
8/14/2007 Education Services Contacts Superintendent LetterDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/7/2007 TRA FlyerWanda Doughten806-677-5183
8/7/2007 Thinking MapsDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/7/2007 Paraprofessional Development AcademyDiane Reid806-677-5177
8/7/2007 Personalized Study GuideDanna Beck806-677-5184
7/24/2007 Unliscensed Diabetic Care Assistant Training and House Bill 984Jo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
7/24/2007 Coordinated Approach to Children's Health (CATCH) Elementary SchoolJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
6/29/2007 Academy for New TeachersAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
6/7/2007 Level I School Board TrainingRonnie Teichelman677-5020
6/5/2007 CAREER CRUISING SOFTWARE TRAININGMindy White806-677-5145
6/1/2007 Response to Intervention with Dr. John McCook August 13-14, 2007Wanda Doughten806-677-5183
5/22/2007 Math Collaborative Grant (RCEMT) Private School ParticipationDiane Reid806-677-5177
5/22/2007 Reading/Academic Literacy: Teaching Students the Moves that Matter with Kyleen Beers and Carol JagoAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/22/2007 Reading with Meaning with Debbie MillerAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/22/2007 First Annual Secondary teachers' Panhandle Literacy Institute with Jim BurkeAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
5/22/2007 Advanced Placement Summer Institute-AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, Pre-AP Middle School MathDanna Beck806-677-5184
5/21/2007 Digital Storytelling with David Jakes June 2007Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
5/21/2007 Cancellation of Blackboard Community Administration TrainingHeather Voran806-677-5276
5/21/2007 Equine Essentials-Taking Horse Sense to the ClassroomLola Henning806-677-5187
5/21/2007 IPC to Chemistry WorkshopLola Henning806-677-5187
5/21/2007 Severe Weather Secrets WorkshopLola Henning806-677-5187
5/21/2007 Middle School Physics WorkshopLola Henning806-677-5187
5/11/2007 Superintendent's PendariesRonnie Teichelman806-677-5020
5/11/2007 Principal's PendariesRonnie Teichelman806-677-5020
5/4/2007 2007 2008 Calendar DirectoryJohn Bass806-677-5025
5/4/2007 Videoconference Equipment MaintenanceJeff Rogers806-677-5267
5/2/2007 Response To Intervention May 14-15, 2007 with John McCookWanda Doughten806-677-5183
5/1/2007 Al Stewart Developmentally Appropriate Practices TrainingGwen Hicks806-677-5310
4/23/2007 Mangus Math-June 26-27, 2007Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
4/16/2007 Adobe Professional Training-Day 2 on May 3, 2007Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
4/13/2007 Wide Area Network Acceptable Use PolicyGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
4/12/2007 Baseball Hall of Fame Videoconference PostponementDiane Reid806-677-5177
4/12/2007 STAR Grant TETN and VideoconferenceHeather Voran806-677-5276
4/12/2007 Curriculum Collaborative: Blueprint for Student Success Videoconference 4/26/07Diane Reid806-677-5177
3/29/2007 We the People: Middle School Level Workshop May 2, 2007Danna Beck806-677-5184
3/23/2007 Effective DisciplineLana Fry806-677-5196
3/16/2007 Follow-up Sups. Letter- PicturesLana Fry/Gwen Hicks806-677-5196
3/9/2007 Coop Computer PurchasingArlen Meng806-677-5040
3/9/2007 2007-2008 Region 16 ESC Appointment CalendarJohn Bass806-677-5015
3/9/2007 Special Ed MOE Jerri Rook806-677-5200
3/6/2007 At-Risk Conference/New Hire RegistrationLana Fry806-677-5196
3/6/2007 At-Risk ConferenceLana Fry806-677-5196
2/19/2007 Math TEKS Connection (MTC) Gr. 3-5 Training, April 24-25, 2007Sharon Mills806-677-5139
2/19/2007 Advaned Placement Summer Institute June 2007Danna Beck806-677-5184
2/14/2007 Workshop-Teaching Children to be SmARTer Through the ARTS!Susan Carr806-677-5148
2/13/2007 Cancel TMT3 Algebra II-February 2007Angie Watson806-677-5135
2/9/2007 Co-Teaching and Other Inclusion Issues for AdministratorsErin Jarry806-677-5195
2/9/2007 2007 Autism ConferenceErin Jarry677-5195
2/9/2007 Cancel-Marco Polo-Humanities VideoconferenceHeather Voran806-677-5276
2/9/2007 Cancel TMT3 Geometry-February 2007Angie Watson806-677-5135
2/6/2007 Online Book Study-I Read It, But I Don't Get ItAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
2/5/2007 Workshop-Library Basics: Weeding and Supporting the TEKSGlenna Hatley806-677-5121
2/5/2007 Parental Involvement: Tools for SuccessMiriam Lynch806-677-5129
2/1/2007 TMT3 Algebra II (Teaching Mathematics TEKS Through Technology) Feb. 07Angie Watson806-677-5135
2/1/2007 TMT3 Geometry (Teaching Mathematics TEKS Through Technology) Feb 07Angie Watson806-677-5135
1/26/2007 Cancellation of Texas High School Project Overview-Jan. 30, 2007Frances Pool806-677-5176
1/25/2007 Carolyn Coil-GT Update-Challenging the Gifted UnderachieverSusan Carr806-677-5148
1/19/2007 Partners in LiteracyWanda Doughten806-677-5183
1/19/2007 Beatrice Moore-Luchin presents Geometry & Meaurement for Secondary MathAngie Watson806-677-5135
1/19/2007 Beatrice Moore-Luchin presents Geometry & Measurement for Grades 3-6Sharon Mills806-677-5139
1/19/2007 Math TEKS Refinement Grades 3-5Sharon Mills806-677-5139
1/19/2007 At-Risk Conference Request for PicturesLana Fry677-5196
1/16/2007 Credit by ExamMelissa Hardy806-677-5133
1/16/2007 Computer Purchasing Coop Feb 2007Greg Stockstill806 677-5260
1/5/2007 Disaster Recovery / Data Backup ContractGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
12/19/2006 TAKS Writing with Syd SextonAllison Silvertooth806-677-5181
12/15/2006 ELL Strategies for SuccessMindy White806-677-5145
12/15/2006 CTE TEKS with Exit Level TAKS IntegrationMindy White806-677-5145
12/15/2006 Forming CTE Advisory BoardsMindy White806-677-5145
12/8/2006 Contracts for eRateGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
12/8/2006 Supt. Letter: Textbook HearingDebbie Purvines806.677.5274
12/7/2006 Supt. Letter: Knowbility WorkshopDebbie Purvines806.677.5274
12/7/2006 Knowbility FlyerDebbie Purvines806.677.5274
12/7/2006 Bridging II TAKS Module 2 Grades 4-5, Feb. 16, 2007Lola Henning806-677-5187
10/31/2006 Videoconference GED ClassesKarla Weatherly806-677-5300
10/27/2006 Internet2 AnnouncementGreg Stockstill806-677-5260
10/16/2006 Fifth SenseSharon Mills806-677-5139
10/16/2006 Algebra I with Bonnie McNemarAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/16/2006 Measurement in the Middle Grades with Bonnie McNemarAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/16/2006 Middle School Algebraic Thinking with Bonnie McNemarAngie Watson806-677-5135
10/16/2006 SPOT a Leader TrainingDiane Reid806-677-5177
10/10/2006 Workshop Cancellation-Beatrice Moore-Luchin-Oct. 11-12, 2006Angie Watson806-677-5135
9/14/2006 Geometry & Measurement for Secondary Math with Beatrice Moore-LuchinAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/14/2006 Teaching Mathematics TEKS Through Technology for Grades 6-8Angie Watson806-677-5135
9/14/2006 Teaching Mathematics TEKS Through Technology-Algebra IAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/14/2006 Geometry & Measurement for Grades 3-6 with Beatrice Moore-LuchinSharon Mills806-677-5139
9/12/2006 Superintendent Letter: Suzy Red Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
9/12/2006 Suzy Red Flyer: Sept. 19 and 20Debbie Purvines806-677-5274
9/12/2006 Canceling Tackling the TAKS WorkshopSharon Mills806-677-5139
9/8/2006 Cancellation of FAKSOline TrainingDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
9/8/2006 Cancellation of I-Safe TrainingDebbie Purvines806-677-5274
9/8/2006 Homeless Liasion WorkshopMiriam Lynch and Cindy Todd806-677-5129
9/8/2006 Number Sense, Calculator, & MathematicsAngie Watson806-677-5135
9/5/2006 CTE 101Mindy White806-677-5145
9/1/2006 House Bill 984 and Unlicensed Diabetic Care Assistant TrainingJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
9/1/2006 Abstinence TrainingsJo Ann Eudy806-677-5143
9/1/2006 Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health (CATCH)Jo Ann Eudy806-677-5146